Math Educational Enrichment

Math Educational Enrichment (MEE) fosters a positive environment to help build up students’ confidence to enhance creative thinking in math learning. The purpose of math enrichment is to support young math lovers whose access to math enrichment related literature/opportunities was limited.
Mathematics enrichment can take a variety of forms and appropriate math enrichment activities depend greatly on the age and development of an individual student. The MEE resources depends upon the different age group of students and are developed by the SIBAU-SC faculty member with the support of undergraduate students.
Our mathematical tasks aim to build students' perseverance, mathematical reasoning, ability to apply knowledge creatively in unfamiliar contexts, and confidence in tackling new challenges. We provide platform to Offer challenging, inspiring and engaging activities, to show math richness in meaningful contexts and, to exercise the math enrichment activities at the local school & college level to share expertise
If you are willing to participate in MEE then please fell free to contact us as

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